Friday, January 3, 2014

Yes, I stay home.

I recently moved back to my hometown.  My husband and I have lived in North Carolina for the last 4-5 years of our lives, and entire marriage.  I changed a LOT in those years.  I even brought two human lives into the world.  So basically I am AWESOME!

But I've noticed something. Not everyone has recognized the awesomeness of my being a mom.  Living in my hometown I have ran into several people I knew growing up.  Teachers, coaches, friends, etc.  And I always LOVE when they ask me what I am doing.  I really want to carry a camera around so I can flash a picture when I tell them I stay home with my two toddlers.  The looks of disapproval, shock, and even that occasional half smile of mockingness are priceless.  I'm used to it when I go in to the bank to fill out paperwork, and the lady sitting behind the bullet proof glass flashes a grin, as though she has "one uped" me today!  To you bank teller, I say BRAVA!!  You did it!  You won!  You bring in a pay check every week, spend 8 hours of your day counting other people's money, and can today sit in pride on your sore bum.  Yes, brava!  (okay wow that's been built up for some time now, but really she was quite rude lol)

In complete honesty I love staying home.  I find myself  blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to stay at home with my children. I understand that my ability to do this lies solely on the work ethic of my husband.  His sacrifice and commitment have provided me with this choice.

 I still love music, I still love being educated, and I still have dreams of using my God given talents for something more, something bigger.  But right now this chapter in my life has me at home, using my talents for singing lullabies. 

And that's okay.  Actually that is perfect!  Today we teach our women to grow up, get an education, travel, find success in yourself.  But we don't ever tell them that success is measured in love.  And while loving yourself is necessary, finding love in others is what we are created for.  To live as one, in love.  And you won't fully know, or understand the love of God without giving yourself over completely to love. 

That's what it is ultimately about.  Serving Him.  Learning that the best way to serve is to love.

So staying home with my family does just that for me.  It keeps me grounded and balanced in Christ.  I serve the Lord daily through wiping runny noses, cleaning up toys, and singing the ABCs.  My every day is full of catering to and loving others.  And it is this work that brings about more joy and happiness than my soul has ever experienced.  The rush of opening night, and excitement of being on stage eventually wears off.  But the love of my family will last me a lifetime.

So yes, I am a stay-at-home mom.
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